Fabio Buzzi Races New York to Bermuda

Fabio Buzzi talks about his record attempt just minutes before he departed Liberty Landing Marina at 16:00ET on September 27, 2012. He set a new record of 17 hours and 6 minutes running his FB41 — a 40-foot boat originally designed and built by him for military use, and powered by twin 650HP diesel inboards — from New York to Bermuda. Leaving the marina, his waterline sat 3 inches below as he was laden with 900 gallons of fuel. His crew of five included Roberto Rizzo (pilot and responsible for on-board electronics), Antonio Binda (engineer and chief mechanic of FB Design, he physically built this boat!), Emilio Riganti (pilot), and Maurizio Bulleri (Italian TV/magazine journalist, and former offshore pilot). The photo above shows Buzzi passing Ellis Island as he left New York Harbor.