NYPD cars, news trucks, and choppers converged on Liberty State Park this week to track down an escapee. But this was no ordinary escaped convict. This was an escaped orphan.

Yes, a very famous orphan: Annie.

Will Smith and Jay-Z (who clearly has a fondness for the movie’s score) are producinga modern-day version of the famous musical.

It’s not clear what scene they’re filming in the park, but actors Dorian Missick andTracie Thoms appear to be driving little orphan Quvenzhane Wallis somewhere. Check out the rig set up on the roof of the old station wagon. It allows someone to drive the vehicle while lighting and camera gear, mounted to the hood and windshield, capture the action.

The crew had two choppers — A Bell 429 to actually appear in the movie, and an AStar 350 operated by Wings Air Helicopters. The latter was outfitted with aPictorvision gyro-stabilized camera system to shoot everything happening on the ground.

Maybe we’ll see some of our boats in the background when the movie comes out next year — on Christmas Day 2014.