“Action!” on the East River

As part of a UK film production, the crew of New York Media Boat spent all night working both boats on the East River. “ROLL SOUND, ROLL PICTURE” .. “ROLLING” .. “ACTION!”

While Aperture served as a camera platform hosting Cinematographer Till Neumann and team,  Searider is the on-screen boat. In the picture below, Till films the action from the bow, with a RED camera. In this scene, the two actors had just stolen the boat and are joyriding in front of the Manhattan skyline.

The goal of the evening was to shoot three scenes for the trailer of  An Evening with Donald Kempinski, written and directed by Timothy Murray of Little Fella Films. It’s a Staten Island Ferry captain’s tale of acceptance and reconciliation. “CUT! TAKE IT FROM THE TOP” calls Tim over the radio and we reposition the boats for Scene 13, Take 2.