A Unique Perspective on The Vessel at Hudson Yards


What is The Vessel?

The Vessel is New York’s newest icon. Designed by Thomas Heatherwick and Heatherwick Studio, the 16-story inhabitable sculpture has more than 2,500 steps and 80 individual landings. It’s an M.C. Escher drawing brought to life. The conical framework of intertwining staircases creates a seemingly infinite variety of paths to explore and vantage points for seeing the city.

How Can I See The Vessel?

There is no charge to visit Hudson Yards and explore this mega-development on your own. You do need tickets to climb The Vessel and the tickets are (currently) free. With Free Tickets, The Vessel has become very popular and there is frequently a wait as long as two weeks to make a booking.

So how can you see The Vessel on your next trip to New York? One of the most interesting perspectives is from the water. Hudson Yards takes its name from the Hudson River which sits directly next to this amazing new neighborhood. Every New York Media Boat tour stops on the river for a spectacular view of the entire complex, with the bronze, lattice-work Vessel proudly on display at the center.

When is the Best Time to See The Vessel?

Well, since The Vessel has only been open less than a year, no one can tell you the best time of year. As you may have noticed in the photos, The Vessel is covered in highly reflective copper. It seems to shimmer in the light. When viewing The Vessel from the water in the late afternoon, the sun reflects off the different facets and the effect is magnificent, as if the structure were made of liquid fire. Combined with the glass skyscrapers and The Highline in the foreground, it truly seems like The Vessel is something straight out of Oz.

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