New Subway Stop is Close to Media Boat!

New Yorkers were glad to see the Cortlandt Street/World Trade Center stop on the 1 train finally reopen after it was destroyed in the Sept. 11 attacks — and we’re especially thrilled because it’s so close to New York Media Boat.

It’s about a five-minute walk from the western exit of the 1 train to the NYMB dock in North Cove Marina. Here’s a little photo-tour of how to get there: through the Westfield shopping center, into Brookfield Place, and to the marina.

Here’s where you’ll exit the 1 train, at the westernmost end of The Oculus:


Look to the right: you’ll see a long hallway that connects Westfield Mall & Brookfield Place:


Head down that long hallway, and check out the animation on the huge screen:


Take the escalator up into Brookfield Place. At the top, you’ll see the BFPL shops:


Walk around either side of those shops to the atrium with palm trees:


Take the left-hand exit out of the atrium:

And you’re at the marina! Keep heading left — we’re in the lower left corner.


We hope to welcome you aboard!