Lights Out at the Statue of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty has gone dark, without a single spotlight illuminating the symbol of freedom that overlooks New York Harbor.

It's a highly unusual sight, as we've been told that the National Park Service takes great care to make sure she's lit up at all times. 

Just last month, the Statue had partially gone dark, with her back standing in shadow. We'd noticed the lack of lighting from our apartment window. That was when our contacts at the National Park Service told us it's very rare for those lights to go out.

We can vouch for that. We've never seen anything like it in the five years we've been running New York Media Boat, and in the three years that we've lived in an apartment with a direct view of the Statue.

There's a lot of speculation as to what's causing the outage: foreign hacking, a travel ban protest, or solidarity with tomorrow's Day Without A Woman. Or it could just be a tripped breaker.

We're looking forward to answers from the National Park Service.