Hudson Plane Crash Recap

Within minutes of getting the breaking news alert, New York Media Boat was on the scene, as the NYPD, FDNY, and other agencies responded to reports of a downed plane in the Hudson.

You can see the NYPD rescue diver jumping from the helicopter into the water.

Unfortunately the plane, a vintage P-47 Thunderbolt, quickly sank to the bottom of the river with the pilot trapped inside. The NYPD located the wreck and attached a downline marking its location in only 20 feet of water.

A virtual AIS alarm was issued, alerting vessels in the vicinity to the situation. This was the first time we've ever seen a message like this on the screens.  A great use of technology!

News outlets lined the shores and New York Media Boat can be seen in much of the footage, like this report on ABC News.

On Saturday, the Army Corps of Engineers raised the aircraft and temporarily placed it at the Downtown heliport. We were surprised to see how little cosmetic damage there is to the aircraft.