Belafonte’s Close Encounter with Humpbacks

Just wanted to share this amazing video from our ‘sister ship’ on the west coast, theBelafonte.

Ole and Sarah were riding back to Santa Barbara after a weekend in the Channel Islands when a humpback whale and her calf surfaced next to the Belafonte, their 17-foot RIB.

The whales were really curious, spouting and splashing right next to the boat. At one point, a huge flipper nearly smacks the outboard right before those characteristic ridges of the humpback underbelly bob out of the water. Note the change in tone of Sarah’s great narration at that point!

Ole said the whales still followed them as they motored off, so they stopped a few more times to let them check out Belafonte. But he and Sarah didn’t hang around too long — not when mama’s fluke was about as wide as the boat was long.